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MISS PHILIPPINES! ahem, I will let you do the judging : But imma give you the WARNING: =P Im Very LOVABLE promise me you wont fall in love with me : I wanna be your asian barbie. Dress me up daddy! i like Gallant men whom I can always count on... ;)

for the ride, breast fuck, 69, doggy

I don't like to be treated like a whore. .. im all i'm sensitive and serius and i like good sex

i like to be fucked dressed THIS IS A DOMINATION ROOM... not a Damn, Medium room. I am a SSC (safe sane and consensual) Mistress not a RACK (RACK - Risk Aware Consensual Kink) mistress. If you didnt have it yet... the brilliant idear to read at least about BDSM games before to visit me, I advice you to pay for this kind of info. I am not your free information office about BDSM in fetish area. And I cant guess whats your limits or what kind of slave/servant/sub you are... because BDSM area its HUGE area .. and doesnt exist 2 person with the same obedience path. For me: comunication and honesty its important. Also I remaind one important aspect: I am a bdsm trainer, but I will not teach you something you didnt read about it first. Question like: "what im going 2 get in private?" "what does a dominatrix do?" "do you get naked in privat?" tells me a lot about yourself and its very embarrassing to read it in my public area. I remaind everyone: in my public area I am a Lady in control, not a sponsor for your fetishes.Sometimes I am in a good mood, but if you know you have a fetish is good to do the right click before you ask something from me.For every object or info from my room I was PAY money or I invest a lot of time in research or learning about. So, give me a break and show ME some respect. Believe me, I deserve it!And dont forget,when I am online I will be online for persons who want to make me HAPPY,I am not only another camgirl.

me sitting and you working for me/kneeling in the front of me

My fetish accademy starts everyday when I have tim I have something for you. ;) im open and weiting for u;)

oral, doggy. anal and 69

i like Reading, dancing, singing and acrobatics. k I'm still waiting for my romantic prince on white horse to arrive. Are You romantic or lonely? Lets talk and play together.


It melts when I see a guy that has this big smile with really perfect straight white teeth. I like that he is a bad boy = When I chill at starbucks and some stud guys wearing tank top are just yummy =

Veronica Shows Her Handjob Talent

Veronica Shows Her Handjob Talent